So, I seem to prefer not to write and instead post photographs. Not surprising I suppose. Creature of habit. I always figured that me attempting to tell someone about something versus showing them, or better yet taking them, was shortchanging them. Most times I just want to take friends physically and place them in the moment to be able to absorb the same feeling, smell the trees, feel the moment. It’s like trying to tell someone what a tattoo feels like vs. the real thing.

Here are my obligatory weekly James River photos. Tim showed me a new  swimming area where there’s a lot less people and it’s definitely in my wheelhouse. It’s more of a trek to it but worth it. Living in a larger city now, I’m relishing quiet spaces. Aloof? Yes please. We went there the other day and watched a rugged storm blow up from the southwest. The other photos are from Jules and my bike ride the next day. We weren’t sure what to expect as it was really meant to be more an exploratory trip to find the best/safest route to southside on two wheels. Much to our delight it was a solitary ride with a breathtaking panorama. The exploring continues.

Well, Finn just finished ‘huffing’ at people walking by. Jules is settling down to watch a show on the floor (we still haven’t bought a couch or chair or anything. We don’t really have much room in the den and I think we’re getting used to it). I’m listening to Townes Van Zandt and thinking about the weekend and if I should get more Natty right now.

– Dan

James River and dog watching geese

Emma was on the hunt

James River Floodwall

Floodwall walk

Under bridge of James River in Richmond

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